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Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Annual Conference

I recently attended the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society's (PCRS) annual conference in Palm Springs, Calif. There were two discussions that peaked my interest, both of which I would like to share with my readers.

First, it appears that acupuncture does play a role in improving In Vitro success. Over the years there have been studies exploring the connection between acupuncture and fertility, of which I have found very insightful. Stronger data now suggests that acupuncture has been beneficial in improving fertility. In my practice, when called for, we currently utilize acupuncturists in association with fertility treatments.

Secondly, on the PGD front, it appears that the technology is advancing to a point where we may be able to, in the near future, look at all 23(24) chromosomes in a single cell. As you know, the present technology for PGD allows us to safely look 12 chromosomes. However, these 12 chromosomes, either individually or in some combination, do make up 85% of all the chromosomal abnormalities that occur. If the technology allows us to evaluate 23(24) chromosomes, this technique will be even more beneficial.

All in all, it was a very successful meeting.


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