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Call for Stories

Inspiration strikes people in different ways. Over the years, I’ve drawn inspiration from the unwavering spirit of Coastal’s would-be parents. Each person and couple has had a truly touching and remarkable story to share about their journey to parenthood, and it’s provided me with unending inspiration and motivation to persevere through the challenges and triumphs that inevitably accompany the quest to build a family. I often have the pleasure of hearing from patients about how they’ve been inspired by others in this same way, which is why I’d like to invite you to participate in Coastal’s blog—a place where your own story has the potential to inspire other future parents...

Please post a comment to share your stories with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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I couldn't agree with you more. It's great having a supportive partner, but knowing that there is a community available is extremely helpful.

Thomas and Ramona Burrascano:

Thank you Dr. Werlin and Staff for everything. After trying for five years we have been blessed with twins, a baby boy and girl. Our experience with Dr. Werlin and the Staff was awesome they are able to take the stress out of the situation the second you walked in the office. We have formed many memories during our procedure from the Rolling Stones, Dr. Werlins humor and uplifting attitude to the first time we got to see the babies on the ultrasound. We instantly stop in our tracks and smile when The Rolling Stones are playing no matter where we are at. We have truely been blessed with an experience of a life time and the opportunity to watch two beautiful lives form right before our eyes. Thank you Dr. Werlin you have given us a lifetime of happiness!

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