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HD Free with PGD – One Patient’s Story

To the Coastal Fertility team, every baby is a miracle baby. And we take particular joy in our ability to help those couples with hereditary genetic diseases reduce the likelihood of passing along those diseases to their children – or breaking the transference cycle once and for all. Using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), we’ve been able to identify embryos with genetic markers for diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophilia and recently, Huntington’s Disease (HD)—a debilitating brain disorder for which there is currently no cure. The excerpt below was written as a firsthand account by HD carrier and Coastal Fertility patient-turned advocate, Stacy Brookhyser. It offers an insightful look at the journey Stacy and her husband Mitch navigated on the way to building their beautiful family…

“This is the story of my battle with HD. I am a WARRIOR and I will do what I can to fight this terrible disease. I want to be a mother. I believe that it is my responsibility, even before I have children, to be a good mother and protect my children. That is why I chose to take on this challenge. This is my story of hope. Hope for my mother, hope for me, hope for my children, and hope for a cure.

When I was a child my maternal grandmother, Jayne, had HD and rode in a wheelchair. Gramps used to joke with her and make her laugh about it. Their home had stability bars installed everywhere and a ramp up the front steps, but it didn’t matter… she was my Grandma Jayne and that’s all that was important to me. My family knew that HD was genetic and that we could all possibly have the affected gene. There was no controlling the genetics of it in the 1970’s. But I absolutely agree with my parents’ decision to go ahead and have children…”

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